• Our Mission

    The aim of the RETProgram is to empower health research practitioners in the WA health sector to improve the efficiency of the planning, design, implementation and translation of successful research that impacts on policy and practice.

    The RETProgram supports researchers by delivering and promoting high quality, up to date and relevant seminars, workshops, online modules and other educational resources in the area of clinical research. The Program provides entry-level overviews of research skills needed across the entire research process, with additional resources and links to other known training opportunities.

  • Online Modules

    The training is provided online and free of charge to ensure busy health practitioners throughout the State of Western Australia are able to access high-quality training. The provision of online training also means that the Program is able to measure impact and respond to changing demands.

    The RETProgram materials can also be tailored by individual institutions or departments for use in research induction processes, to assist in setting expected standards and alert staff entering research to key contacts, training and resources in the field. The RETProgram will continue to expand and to offer additional content areas.

  • Our Contributors

    Experts in the field who contribute to and/or review materials for the RETProgram are acknowledged in each module along with their role(s) and institutions.

  • Partners

    The WAHTN is a collaboration of multiple state-wide contributing partners and includes Western Australia’s major hospitals, the Department of Health, Medical Research Institutes and five universities.