Perkins Researchers Have Discovered a Breakthrough in Cancer Research

Molecular machines stop cancer’s clock

Scientists at WA’s Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research have developed a way to wrap artificial proteins around the ends of chromosomes to effectively block the uncontrolled growth that occurs with most cancers.

Head of the laboratory for Synthetic Biology and Drug Discovery, Associate Professor Oliver Rackham, says cancer cells grow uncontrollably whereas normal cells limit their growth.

Professor Rackham’s team at the Perkins has engineered proteins that effectively clamp tightly around the end of the single stranded DNA in the chromosome.

“These proteins lock down the DNA so telomerase can’t touch it.”

“Our laboratory designed proteins that, for the first time, can actually recognise the single stranded DNA and bind it. We can basically program these proteins to target them.

“Previously scientists haven’t been able to target the single stranded DNA.

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