Online Course Pricing

Free for WAHTN Partners

RETProgram training is freely available for all staff and students within the partner organisations of The Western Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN).

Discount for AHRA Partners

Participants from the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA) partner organisations have discounted access to our training.

Access Provided to Public

Any person from non-partner organisations can gain access to the training based on the pricing listed in the table below.

Pricing Table

CourseWAHTN PartnersAHRA MembersPublic
A Practical Guide to Critical AppraisalFree$15$30
Consumer and Community Involvement in Health ResearchFreeFreeFree
Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in AustraliaFree$40$120
Good Clinical Practice (GCP) RefresherFree$40$80
Health Economics: Application to ResearchFree$15$30
Health Economics: Cost Effectiveness For Clinical TrialsFree$15$30
Help the Biostatistician Help YouFree$15$30
Improving Aboriginal Children’s Lung HealthFreeFreeFree
Introduction to Health ResearchFree$15$30
Literature Searching and Management V.2Free$15$30
Research Governance Service (RGS)FreeFreeFree
Research with People Who Experience Mental Health IllnessesFree$15$30
Paediatric Aboriginal Lung Health: Asthma Diagnosis and Interpretation of SpirometryFreeFreeFree
The Essentials of Writing a Research ProtocolFree$15$30

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