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Consumer and Community Involvement Program

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This course offers an introduction to Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI ) in health and medical research. It is designed for consumers, community members, researchers, administrators, policy makers and organisations involved in health research.

30 minutes

The course, consisting of 3 parts, will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

About the Consumer and Community Involvement Program

The Consumer and Community Involvement Program (CCIProgram) is a platform of the Western Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN).

The CCIProgram was established in 1998 and supports consumers, community members and researchers to work in partnership to make decisions about health research priorities, policy and practice with the aim of improving health outcomes and ensuring community involvement becomes standard practice.

A Training Resource For Researchers and Consumers

Involving consumers and community members in the planning and development of health and medical research is becoming common practice in Australia.

Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) plays an important role in ensuring research is translated into best practice, that resources are used where they are needed most, and creates a vital link between the research team and the wider community.

The Consumer and Community Involvement Program is a leader in CCI and works closely with the research sector to develop valued and meaningful partnerships between researchers and health consumers. This course offers an introduction to the concepts of CCI and helps set the scene for researchers and consumers who are new to this work.

Some feedback from our online participants:

“The interactive nature of the content, engaging and informative videos which highlighted the topic key points very well and the well spoken and engaging tone of the presenter’s voice.”


“Well presented and engaging”


“Clear and current information, good visuals and audio.”


“It was interactive and not too long but still in depth enough to give a good overview

“Hearing from community members who are involved as well as researchers who involve community members.”


“The clear explanation of the differences between community participation, involvement and engagement.”


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