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Cost-Effectiveness for Clinical Trials

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Why Should You Complete Health Economics: Cost-effectiveness for Clinical Trials?

The Cost-effectiveness for Clinical Trials module builds on the previous introductory module on economic evaluation. Measurement of cost-effectiveness has relevance in all health applications, but this module focusses specifically on issues relevant to clinical trials (in particular randomized controlled trials).

Cost-effectiveness is an increasingly important component of clinical trials, not least because of requirements relating to government subsidy for the introduction of new technologies (where cost-effectiveness is mandated). The measurement of economic evaluation is considered alongside clinical evaluation and includes the resource implications so that in addition to answering the question ‘Does it work?’ we answer the question ‘Is it worth it?’

The module provides useful additional information to those undertaking clinical trials to:

1. Explore further the process of economic evaluation;

2. Understand the steps required to estimate the incremental cost-effectiveness of the intervention;

3. Recognise the relevance of modelling in relation to the clinical trial;

4. Consider the mandatory process of government subsidy in policy decisions;


This Module Will Take Approximately 60 Minutes to Complete

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“It is explained in a way that is easy to understand, compact but yet informative with all the examples provided.”

“Well spaced information and clear concise slides”

“Presented in an easy to follow manner.”

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