A Researcher’s Guide




Research Governance Service (RGS): A Researcher’s Guide

Available Modules in the Course

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the uses and rationale for RGS.
  • Identify who can use the RGS and how it is applied to single and multi-centre research.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the RGS Users and understand the security matrix around these roles.
  • Understand how to establish a profile, register a project, and add sites and team members.
  • Navigate through the portal and understand the ethics and governance workflow processes.

Why Should You Complete the RGS Course?

The Research Governance Service (RGS) is an interactive, secure web-portal that assists Western Australian (WA) public health organisations in managing the ethics and governance processes for human research projects.

The centralised system enables researchers, sponsors, Human Research Ethics Committees, ethics and governance offices, and site administrators to manage and track the governance of research though the entire research project lifecycle. This includes ethics approval, site (also called governance) authorisation, monitoring, complaints, publications and reporting.

This RGS online training course is designed to assist researchers and sponsors to navigate the RGS through the submission, ethics and governance review and approval processes for proposed projects; and monitoring, publications and complaints processes for approved research. It is highly recommended that participants unfamiliar with ethics and governance terminology and processes complete the RETProgram Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course prior to starting this course.


The Course Will Take Approximately 120 Minutes to Complete (With Additional  2 Hours of Optional Training Videos)

Some feedback from our online participants on the ‘best aspects’ of this course:

“Detailed instructions for all parts of the RGS process I can refer back to later”


“Very clear,easy to navigate.”


Detailed and can be used as a future resource. Great videos.”

“Concise and clear. Good use of visuals and clickable links to open PDFs, websites, further material.”


“The learning material were clear and well presented”


“The content was helpful and covered most of the relevant material”